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A game I made for the Ludum Dare 33 Compo! Enjoy!

I've also included a compressed version of the Unity project with all of the source code and assets.


1. Only the Windows standalone and web player builds have been tested. I've included builds for OS X and Linux but I can't guarantee they'll work without error.

2. Due to a current bug with Unity3D fullscreen mode on the standalone builds (and possibly the web player build) doesn't work correctly - the mouse input will be offset by a certain amount. Please stick to using the windowed mode to prevent this :)

3. Chrome has dropped NPAPI support so you'll need to use another browser (Firefox, IE etc.) if you want to play the game in your browser.

4. I'm a programmer and the assets make my eyes bleed, too. Please don't hurt me.


A Monster's House - Windows Build 10 MB
A Monster's House - OS X Build 11 MB
A Monster's House - Linux Build 12 MB
Unity Project (Source & Assets).rar 76 MB